1st volume, no. 7, Page 4
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You Must Rely on Your Friends!

When love turns into hate,
One experiences strange things,
And now many German soldiers
Can tell you a thing or two about it.

The Italian ally
Has now become the enemy,
And purposefully turns his weapon
Against the Kraut hordes.

One still hears talk about loyal friends
of Duce Benito,
But in the Führer’s headquarters,
They talk about broken loyalty.

They speak of cunning, low betrayal,
And curse the Badoglians,
And there are, that becomes clear,
problems with the Italians.

Vanished is the beautiful dream
Of Adolf and Benito,
The Axis was broken without diffidence,
The people said their “finito”.

We sadly leave you in the lurch,
Because, Adolf, you deserve it,
This ally drives away his friend,
The Krauts evacuate Sardinia.

However, we are full of courage today,
The rest will fall in line,
And we happily say: Adolf, you must
Rely on your friends.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Slawik, Ernst Sittig