Poems to Listen To

After this website went online in February 2024, making all contents of the “Onderwater Cabaret” accessible in written form, we started collecting voices: Many people, including Holocaust survivors and former “Onderduikers,” are reading Curt Bloch’s poems aloud. We then add the audio files to the corresponding poem, so you can not only read Bloch’s rhymes but also listen to them. Once a certain number of recitations are available, we will announce this through the newsletter.

Special publications

JMB Journal Nr. 26, Special publication
(German, English)
9 February 2024


Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin (German)
8 December 2023

Link to the magazine article (behind paywall)
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Het Onderwater Cabaret (Dutch)
16 November 2023



On the podium from left to right: Robert Dölle, Lara Fritzsche, Lars Reichardt – and Simone Bloch on the screen (Photo: Franz Klein)

18 January 2024
Literaturhaus München

For the first time, the poems of Curt Bloch were publicly presented in Germany: as part of a reading event organized by the Literaturhaus Munich, actor Robert Dölle (Residenztheater Munich) recited verses from the “Onderwater-Cabaret,” which were selected by Thilo von Debschitz and Curt Bloch’s daughter Simone Bloch. The reading was accompanied by an interview with Simone, who joined from New York. The discussion in the fully packed library was moderated by Lara Fritzsche, Deputy Chief Editor of the magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, and Lars Reichardt, also a member of the SZ-Magazin editorial team.