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“They Will Not Keep Us Down.”

Berlin refuses to be kept down.
Regarding the heavy American air raid on Berlin last Saturday, it is reported that the residents of the capital city showed tremendous resilience. On Saturday, a terrible rain of American bombs descended, and the people of Berlin lived through two hours in a hell of fire and smoke. The extremely determined mood of Berlin‘s inhabitants, who witnessed their homes being exposed to fire and destruction, can best be expressed in this sentence: „We will not be kept down, no matter what happens. – 7-2-45

The Nazi bosses clique
Recognizes, how heroic
The capital of the Reich holds itself,
Berlin remains unaffected.

Even if the bombardment rages
With such vehemence,
The people in Berlin are saying,
They will not keep us down.

The German bravery
In every adversity
Is truly enormous,
In these times of storm,

In these times of need,
Where every enemy is wickedly
lying in wait for Germany‘s cowardice,
And Churchill, that bastard,

Sends his bombers,
Known to all of us,
Our motto must be:
“They will not keep us down.”

From the East comes the Russian,
In the West things are grim,
Bombs raining down from above,
And Goebbels says: Come, come,

Kleve, Aachen, Königsberg,
That‘s still not so bad.
Even if the Reich crumbles,
They will not keep us down.

Even if everything is destroyed,
The bigwigs lie until
The very last moment:
Even if all of Germany shatters

And goes down the drain,
The outcome
Cannot be doubted:
They will not keep us down.

No, quite the opposite,
Even if much happens,
Victory is coming,
Even if we are “bombed out,”

They lie year after year,
And Goebbels, that rogue,
Makes many grand gestures:
Greater Germany, stay resilient!

They listen to that call,
And Germany keeps fighting

And keeps getting deceived.
What will be the result?
What will be the end?
Germany completely smashed to bits.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal