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The Veil of Catania

(For the 4th Reich Cabaret)

The Third Reich needs the art of beauty,
It‘s showing signs of obsolescence,
With great effort, it seeks
To maintain the favor of the people.

There’s constant retouching
Of its ugliness,
They’re shamelessly lied about,
From all sides, left and right.

And once again, it has succeeded
The swastika-Germania,
The centerpiece, it adorns itself with,
Is called: the Veil of Catania.

However bad, it’s lied about
With the Catania veil.
A defeat? Don‘t be stupid!
It’s a celebration of victory!

While the Brits have long been
Dreaming of nearby battles,
The German leadership cleverly ensured
That the city was quietly evacuated.

Left alone in the foreground
A thin veil of troops,
The Wehrmacht laughs itself brown and colorful,
When the joke will be revealed.

The Brits, full steam ahead,
Rushed towards the city,
Get Catania without a fight
And – feel deceived.

How bitter and nasty it is,
They were looking forward to a quarrel,
But alas, it wasn’t meant to be,
These are indeed bad times.

The German people with this text
Are fed by Goebbels,
They’re bewitched by suggestion,
His thinking is “veiled“!

The German people are happy once again,
The Brits failed,
How tactical it is as a gift
To give up a city without a fight.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders, Hanny Veenendaal