Kyiv a success for Moscow?
No! says Doctor Goebbels’ lesson.
He had it carefully investigated:
The Russians were tricked in Kyiv.

They got hold of a city
A name to boast about,
But if one looks closely,
They blew too loud from the tower.

The Russians make a fuss and show courage,
Because they have now regained Kyiv.
They brag about it a little too much,
For in reality, it was a flop,

Because Moscow is celebrating a bit too early,
So far, they have not defeated us,
Our army is, thank God, intact,
Even though it has packed its bags.

So he blabbers here and blabbers there,
And lying fortunately doesn’t hurt,
Because people, if it did,
Doctor Goebbels would suffer severe pain.

Editing: Robert Saunders