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The Gala Performance of the OWC

And when the war is over
And the lanterns are lit
The Underwater Cabaret
Will some day end up above the surface.

The OWC is organizing
Its farewell party performance
It will be a magnificent program
Full of joy and emotion

Then I will rent in Free Netherlands
Very openly above water
Very enterprising and courageous
A beautiful theater.

Cor Breedenbeek looks full of pleasure
At a well-filled hall,
The seats of honor are occupied
By Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin.

The lights go out, the play begins,
It is a retrospective
On everything the world has experienced
Of fighting, resisting,

Of oppression, tyranny
Of murders and of robbery
And how people despite all the suffering
kept on hoping and believing.

How fascism wild and cruel
conceived its plans
And how in the end
Fortunately it was defeated.

And how the thus liberated world
No longer has to suffer
But in a new future
Full of prosperity can rejoice.

And how humanity is fulfilled
With new lifeblood
Full of enthusiasm, the audience
Will surely clap their hands.

Once again, the curtain opens
And I am on stage
And I will bow
To thank for the applause.

And I point with a wave of my hand
To my honored guests
The spotlight with its light will
Illuminate their box

There is the address for your applause,
May I remind you
And frenetically, the audience
Will applaud again.

As thanks for freedom and justice,
The evil fell apart,
My guests of honor will then stand up
And take a bow.

I will then say to them: The play is over,
I cannot conceal that,
But my program is your program,
Now continue playing.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders, Hanny Veenendaal