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(4th Reich Cabaret)

Mussolini promised
To make Italy great once,
But Italy lies on the ground
And has lost its power.
All the annexation desires
Have turned out terribly for him,

There‘s a hangover,
And one feels rightfully deceived,
Mussolini has lied,
And instead of making it great,
He lured Italy,
Dragging it into the abyss.

Yes, I much prefer Adolf Hitler,
Who really does his best
To bring his people back
To ancient ideals.

Germany, slowly but surely,
You resemble ancient Germania,
As it was vividly portrayed
In Tacitus’s description,

Baedeker of the ancient Romans,
Yes, indeed, the whole world has experienced
Teutonic fury,
Rage of the German soul,

And one knows how to appreciate it,
Since people call you Huns now,
Who as a scourge of humanity,
Released from hell,

Raiding, killing, scorching, plundering,
Have destroyed a whole world,
Have spilled rivers of blood
And suppressed freedom.
Hitler has proclaimed to you:
Power is justice and justice is what‘s useful,

Even if it harms others,
The ruthless law of the strongest,

You willingly adopted
The old law of the Germanic fist,
And elevated it to justice,
And you call it the new order.

But fate doesn‘t allow mockery,
And it drives you ever further
On the path chosen,
Of ancient Germanic ideals.

You have destroyed foreign goods
And ruined the property of others,
One sweeps away your houses now,
And destroys your cities.

Germany becomes a heap of ruins,
And you flee into the forests,
Yes, you nourish yourselves with roots there,
And seek shelter under trees.

You are feeling cold? Let me advise you,
Warm yourselves with the bear‘s skin,
Which you have often distributed
Long before you shot it.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig