2nd volume, no. 16, Page 2
2nd volume, no. 16, Page 3

cover / introduction

Mohammedan SS

No, Germany is no longer to be defeated
Since it sought refuge
– The British find it hard to swallow –
Among the followers of Islam.

In Germany, there is no doubt,
They cry out: Hurray, we‘ll make it,
Despite all hardship, death, and devil,
Mohammedan SS.

The great novelty of this war,
It fights with fire and zeal,
There is the guarantee of victory
For us through the blessing of the Quran.

Yes, with us today is the Grand Mufti,
The Highest chief of the Muslims,
Politically, he might be a dreamer
But yes, we have him.

And he is our great benefactor
And our consolation in these times,
He called upon all Muslim men
To fight for Adolf in the holy battle.

It is true that someone of Islamic descent,
Regarding his bloodline,
Is not racially pure and not Germanic,
But such things don’t bother us in the least.

If he fights for us, it’s all good,
If he dies for us, “à la bonne heure” (so be it),
A welcome cannon fodder,
And nothing else matters anymore.

He and his banners are adorned
With the curved sabre in strong hand,
The SS rune of the Germanics,
Which was not granted to him.

This is the SS subclass
Which was made pseudo-knights,
Certainly inferior in race,
But good enough to die.

Their fez is adorned with the national emblem
And with the skull and crossbones,
And one day there will be corpses:
Mohammedan SS.

Post-Editing: Nannie Braunstein-Beekman