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The Swastika Diplomat

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What is von Ribbentrop‘s position? He is the only one among all the Nazi leaders who speaks fluent English – something he always boasted about – and who had the best connections in France and England, and who always claimed that England would always remain neutral. At the beginning of the Sudeten crisis, his prediction was already in danger of not coming true, and it was a true relief for him that Chamberlain‘s conciliatory attitude in Munich averted the danger. The British ultimatum has shaken his position, and it is indeed painful for him that he, the man of the anti-Comintern pact, has had to extend a hand to the secretly smiling Stalin. – 11-9-1939

Because he has been abroad
And speaks English and French
Hitler considered him exceptional
And thought of him as a genius

Von Ribbentrop has experienced the world
He has traveled and is quite sophisticated
And that’s why he has been conducting
Nazi foreign policy for years

From being a representative for „Henckel Trocken“ champagne
He has risen significantly.
If you study his life and work
In Germany later,

Then you will see what nonsense
He has indulged in for years,
Though von Ribbentrop was probably a minister,
And yet he was no diplomat.

The Führer considered him an expert
In the English psyche
And thought that with him he would surely
Win the sympathy of the British

But when he greeted the king in
Buckingham Palace with „Heil Hitler,“
Von Ribbentrop quickly realized:
That doesn’t work here and only creates trouble.

Von Ribbentrop’s English mission
Failed miserably for him
But Adolf still had use for him:
He considered him clever.

And he then advised Adolf,
because after all, von Ribbentrop knows the world,
He is the type of aristocrat
That Adolf Hitler likes very much.

He knew how to explain that England
was completely decadent
And would hardly resist anymore
If Europe were overrun.

And then von Ribbentrop constructed
the axis Berlin-Rome-Tokyo,
Which became increasingly intertwined
And would eventually lead Germany to greatness.

The tip of the Axis was aimed
At the Soviet Republic,
Bolshevism will be destroyed!
But this policy

Was then interrupted by von Ribbentrop,
He cunningly courted Stalin’s favor
He crawled to Moscow
A highlight of diplomacy,

And shook Josef Stalin’s hands hand
And Stalin grinned cunningly,
Such „friendship“ will soon come to an end,
Stalin was prepared for that.

You could see both in the photo
On the best of terms,
But if you were looking for a caption
It would say: Who is deceiving whom here?

And there are countless treaties
That von Ribbentrop has concluded,
Von Ribbentrop actively made pacts,
He was a glutton for contracts

He binds all the Balkan states
Contractually to the Third Reich,
It was an expansion in stages,
One treaty followed the next one

And peoples who were not willing
Were subjected to violence
Whether Serbs, Greeks, or Bulgarians,
Southeast Europe soon danced

To Hitler’s tune,
Italy pretended as if,
But everybody knew that Ciano was not the boss,
No: Hitler and von Ribbentrop

Alone have the authority
And only what Germany wants, happens,
One sees the Nazis disposing
Over peoples and territory.

They did not dare to criticize him
Since von Ribbentrop was very successful;
He operated with all means:
Bribery, threats, poison, and dagger.

He waged many wars of nerves,
Von Ribbentrop, the diplomat,
And thus managed to subjugate
So many states to Germany.

That was von Ribbentrop’s method,
The swastika diplomacy,
The DNB sang many odes
About it and glorified it.

For Germany has the dominant position,
Which it has deserved for a long time,
The German chest swells
With pride, many a Nazi gloats.

But as time has taught,
The Nazis rejoiced too early,
They unfortunately had a mistaken
View of Hitler‘s abilities.

Thanks to von Ribbentrop’s doings,
You are hated in the whole world
And carry this horrifying,
Terrible burden

Probably for generations to come,
Bear in mind that foreign policy
Is not made only with cannons
And the fanfare of march music.

So, in conclusion, for later,
I give you one good piece of advice
Remember: a good champagne representative
is not necessarily a good diplomat.

Post-Editing: Eleonore A. Speckens