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Horst Wessel Song – Updated for the Present

Comradeship, which has always proven itself.
In cities affected by aerial terror, the SA is deployed for relief efforts and cleanup work. Also, in the demolition of dangerous building ruins – picture on the left – the SA provides pioneer services. True to its tradition, it can always be found where a particularly demanding service to the people requires the full commitment of the person.

Raise the shovels high, like drenched poodles
The SA marches alongside many heaps of rubble,
The time of love for Hitler has long passed,
A huge hangover followed afterward.

Yes, everything lies in ruins and rubble,
The whole German land has fallen to ashes,
If we continue to serve our leader Adolf for much longer,
One day, we will be placed up against the wall.

We once sang the verses of Horst Wessel
During torchlight processions and at the tattoo,
And today, we live in a cauldron of witches,
The cauldron of witches is the Third Reich.

The Führer once promised us prosperity,
And thanks to him, Germany is completely destroyed,
Yes, hell has broken loose over Germany,
And the SA is digging in the debris today.

In many houses, one cannot live anymore,
People find accommodation in air-raid shelters,
Away with euphoria, and all illusions are gone,
The people woke up from the Hitler dream.

We no longer blindly follow Hitler’s banners as before,
We are truly fed up with the swastika.
A murmur and a presentiment
are going through the German people today,
That it has lasted long enough.

Post-Editing: Kurt Gerhard Funke