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In the beach bath of Sinzig, bathers were shot at … Is this how to win a war? – 30-5-44

Many Nazis gets upset
Now, because in Sinzig
The beach was shelled
By English pilots,

They can no longer be stopped,
After a busy week
They are not allowed to swim anymore,
Any pleasure at the beach

Is now taken from the Krauts,
Things have come to a pretty pass,
Swimming truly became
A little dangerous in Germany.

For Yankees and Brits
They must sit inside
And all Krauts are sweating,
That they could collapse from the heat.

These are rather tough times,
I almost feel compassion
Arising deep in my heart,
And I almost wanted to abhor

What they did in Sinzig,
But upon closer inspection,
A different thought emerges,
That made me laugh.

In Wijk aan Zee and Zandvoort
Everyone had to leave the beach,
The women and the men,
They’ve been banned from the beach.

The girls and the boys
Have been driven from the beach,
Katwijk and Scheveningen
Are just memories.

The sea was taken from us,
It has come this far,
They had to empty the beach
Thanks to the German masters.

For four years now,
We haven’t even been able to see the waves.
If now British soldiers
Don’t let Krauts swim,

Even preventing them from swimming
By machine-gunning them,
Then I think that is right
And I even feel schadenfreude.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders