Paris in Expectation

Finally, in yesterday‘s German Wehrmacht report, there was mention of intense battles in the Chartres-Dreux area, located about 60 km west of Paris.

Entire Paris is excited
Its heart beats with anticipation,
For it knows, the Kraut dogs
Must to their deepest agony

Disappear within a short time,
Yes, Paris will soon be liberated
After over four years of suffering
A better time is approaching.

And it spreads like a sigh of relief
Among every Parisian now,
Finally, alleviation is coming
And the dreams are coming true.

Soon, all the streets will once again
Shine in their old glory,
Without the Third Reich soldiers
Paris dances a dance of joy.

Soon, the walls of Lutetia
Will be taboo for every German soldier,
Free from German officers
And their arrogant behavior.

For the Yankee stands at Chartres
And the Tommy advances,
Soon, on Montmartre, no more
Mofrikan sound will be heard.

Soon, it will be English spoken,
It will be “yes” and “very well,”
Germany‘s power will soon be broken
And the end is swiftly approaching.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig