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The Three Monks

No refugees in monasteries
10/1 44
According to Radio Rome, the highest ecclesiastical court for members of religious orders has issued a decree strictly prohibiting all superiors of monasteries worldwide from admitting individuals, especially laypeople, who do not belong to the respective order, into their monastic communities without prior permission from the highest ecclesiastical authority. As for granting shelter to political refugees, the Holy See reserves the decision at the highest level. The abbots of the monasteries are personally responsible to the Pope for complying with these regulations.

And Adolf said: How could I
Go into hiding?
I will apply as a monk
Soon, in a monastery.

My glory is over,
My halo is torn,
It has happened before
In history.

Even the fifth Charles
Was denied the throne,
Left the world‘s hustle
And became a monastery servant.

So, I will hide,
In a monastery cell,
I will quickly exchange
The swastika for another cross.

I, too, must leave soon,
Lest they discover me,
Said fearfully, pale as chalk,
Göring, the Reich Marshal.

But behind monastery walls,
I am terribly bored,
How will I endure it there
Without a uniform?

I find it too impoverished,
A plain robe,
Therefore very soon
Friend Göring had an idea.

To be more than a monk
He joyfully revealed to us:
Now I will receive a splendid robe,
I have a job as an abbot.

I was born for this,
I was built for this,
Even if the war is lost,
It leaves me ice cold now.

In the end,
Mr. Goebbels also asserted,
It is surely best
To distance oneself.

But this wretch wondered:
If I become a hermit,
Will I be a lay brother,
Or will I become a Jesuit?

But the three Nazi gods,
Today, are full of regret,
Access is forbidden
By His Holiness.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig