2nd volume, no. 43, Page 2
2nd volume, no. 43, Page 3

cover / introduction

Reich Commissioner Grohe

Gauleiter Grohe, who was appointed by the Führer as the Reich Commissioner for the occupied territories of Belgium and Northern France. – 24-7-44

Obviously, the Grohe has
A particularly crude
Genuine Nazi bigwig mug
He certainly doesn’t infuse
Physiognomic interest in me:
Type primitive swine.

Offspring of the Nazi fever
And prototype of a racketeer,
Villains and careerists,
Who, thanks to haggling authorities,
Rose to be Reich Commissioner,
God knows what he was before.

Hangman’s lackey? Apprenticed Butcher?
Pub landlord? In any case,
It could not have been much,
That you can read in his face,
Horrifying that this piece of crap
Now is the “God in France”.

But in France and Belgium
He won’t wallow for long,
Fires of outrage
Grab the bigwigs, also grab Grohe,
Then despite his life of luxury,
He’ll look less smug.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders