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Winter Aid in These Times

It must be acknowledged that quite a few of them have proven to be not good enough and unsuitable. What else can one say about people in prominent positions, like the Director General of Winter Aid and Community Service, higher and highest departmental authorities, people who always spoke so bravely about the new order in words and writings and behind a safe microphone, but who, when it might come to it, hastily took off without risking anything for this passionately professed ideal? By posing the question, we already give the answer, the answer that consists of a single, brief, and lately quite popular characteristic: scaredy cats. – 8-9-44

Dutch Community Service and Winter Aid.
We received the following message from the national leadership of the Dutch Community Service: Contrary to current rumors that the Dutch Community Service and Winter Aid Netherlands have ceased their activities, it is hereby announced that, as far as the service allows, all activities continue. There is no question of liquidating these institutions. The national leadership is currently exercised by Messrs. L. Paauw, doctor J.S. Galjart, Drs. W.F. van Leeuwen, and L. Dekker, while the financial management has been entrusted to the General Audit Chamber. The main office of N.V.D. and W.H.N. is now located at Prinsestraat 57, The Hague.

About a winter aid collection
One hears not a word currently,
Among the NSB sect
The zeal seems a bit disturbed,

For the noble van Vloten,
The Director-General,
Has disappeared,
And the Winter Aid office Is closed.

Vloten was concerned about the Brits
That’s why he fled,
He didn’t let it lie,
No, right after he got wind

Of their arrival
He made a swift exit,
Did he take the cash with him?
I don’t know, but I think so!

Don’t say, I guess and speculate
And maybe I’m very wrong,
Is the Audit Chamber overseeing
The Winter Aid management for no reason?

You can bet that this van Vloten
When he still had the lead,
Did benefit from his job
And surely quite a bit

Of that money disappeared
Into his own wide pocket,
For we know such scams
Are part of this business.

Among the NSB big shots
They see yellow and green,
Because they have to do without van Vloten
And his Winter Aid.

It was such a wonderful subsidy,
A golden source for them,
And today no one knows who
Could still support the NSB.

For Seyss-Inquart today
Is occupied enough with himself
And leaves the NSB members
Out in the cold

And patrol for Germany
And to die for Germany too,
Winter Aid?! How times change,
Winter Aid vanished in smoke.

And the noose gets tighter and tighter,
And they hide in their snail shell,
And soon comes Eisenhower
With the real Winter Aid.

Post-Editing: Charlotte Mendelaar