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The German People’s Storm

On October 18, 1944, the anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig, the Führer proclaimed that German men aged 16 to 60 who are capable of handling weapons will form the “Deutscher Volkssturm” in all German districts. This new military formation has the task of defending the national soil with all appropriate weapons and means. The Führer entrusted the arrangement of the formation to the district leaders of the NSDAP. This is done with the involvement of the SA, SS, NSKK, and Hitler Youth. The Chief of Staff of the S.A., Schepman, is responsible for firearm training, and the Corps Leader of the NSKK, Kraus, is responsible for motorcycle training. Other services in total warfare will continue to be performed by the men, but service in the Volkssturm takes precedence. The Reichsführer SS is responsible for military training, and Reichsleiter Bormann holds the political leadership on behalf of the Führer.

The First 13 companies assembled.
Yesterday, the German Volkssturm of the East Prussia district was called by the Führer to real combat. Somewhere in East Prussia, the first thirteen companies stood assembled. In an impressive ceremony that began with the song “To arms, People” from the time when National Socialism fought for power in Germany, then the Führer‘s proclamation was read aloud. Confronting the total will of destruction of our enemies, we place the total commitment of all forces of the German people, as stated by the Führer in this proclamation that announced the formation of the German Volkssturm, in all German districts. – October 19, 1944

And when the need reached its greatest
Adolf, in the dark hours of the night,
In the last-ditch effort for the war,
Finally invented the People’s Storm

And whether you’re 16 years old,
Or you’ve passed the age of 60,
Today you feel chosen
As a fighter, whether against the British

Or against Russians or Yankees
You are now legally obliged
To be a soldier from early until late
Until the enemy is annihilated.

They now sing “To Arms, People”
Fight to save the skins of the bigwigs
Although there’s no salvation any more
For your leaders, I bet

But for this miserable bunch
Trying to save some more days,
You may lose property, you may lose blood,
You may lose life and limb

Only to delay the certain death of the bigwigs
By a few weeks,
The People’s Storm was formed,
After millions were sacrificed,

Fallen for your delusion,
For Adolf’s vain fantasies,
They call up children and veterans,
And they perform the propaganda arts

Again, and they lie
Like a trooper,
Claiming that the Führer will triumph,
That the People’s Storm will be enough.

The People’s Storm would be the German strength,
That would defeat every opponent,
And it is certain that it will succeed,
It is carried by Hitler’s spirit,

It is filled with Hitler’s spirit,
And it is flesh of his flesh,
The People’s Storm has been missing until now,
From now on, the Third Reich will have it

As good and splendid as never before,
The Führer’s Nazi dynasty
Shows itself in new brilliance today,
It is a Nazi renaissance,

The swastika is freshly polished,
It rises proudly from Germany’s ruins,
The enemy shudders, he wonders and stops short,
He’s overcome by a flicker in his eyes,

The German People’s Storm stands ready
To sweep the enemy from German soil,
The People’s Storm brings a new time
For the Nazi empire and new blessings.

The People’s Storm protects the German land,
And it will protect the people and the Führer,
It will stand firm against the winter storms,
That’s what you would want, but it will vanish.

Post-Editing: Deidre Mattison