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In Montoire on the Loire

Berlin, Nov. 12 (D.N.B.) The monthly magazine „Berlin-Rom-Tokio,“ which maintains close contact with the Wilhelmstrasse, contains from a special source under the heading „Montoire sur le Loire“ a depiction of the meeting between the Führer and Marshal Pétain at the small railway station of Montoire sur le Loire. It is not necessary to know what was discussed in Montoire. The event of the meeting is sufficient to understand that the name Montoire signifies a new milestone, a new symbol for the end of Great Britain. Collapsed with man and horse and wagon, defeated by the German army, occupied by German troops up to the Atlantic coast, betrayed by the ally, conquered like no army and people in the history of Europe, France sent the old marshal brought to the forefront by necessity to the Führer. And this is the great fact that will be associated with the word Montoire: Unwavering in the demand for redress of a tremendous injustice committed against the German people and its friends, elevated above feelings of revenge and petty retribution, guided by the desire for reconciliation among the peoples of Europe, and the will to secure for these nations a future of peace and happiness, the Führer extended his hand to the head of France. Pétain seized that hand, and he and his French compatriots know: when this handshake becomes history for France, and not just a mere episode, England must perish. And therefore, for all of us, it was as if for this small railway station of Montoire, the great England was being laid to rest, not in a splendid final chord, not in a grand struggle of congressional wrangling, but according to the historical law represented by the Führer. – Nov. 13, 1940

In Montoire
On the Loire,
It was achieved,
It’s been four years.

Country tired of war,
A rendezvous
At the station,
The Führer could

be content,
Marshal Pétain,
Does as he will,
A good guy.

And friend Laval
Also ensures,
That things work
As Hitler hopes.

Well selected,
France was sold,
The Vichy regime
Is very intimate

With the swastika,
Vichy scum
Plays the whole country,
Into Adolf‘s hand.

Yes, Montoire,
On the Loire,
Is a bier
For England,

And a pledge,
That Adolf prevails,
Pétain links
– To Churchill’s anger! –

The fate of France,
To the Third Reich,
That‘s quite exquisite.

In Montoire
On the Loire,
It was achieved,
It’s been four years.

Four years have passed,
France was freed,
The rendezvous
Didn’t give a penny,

Where is Pétain?
Pétain is gone!
Where is Laval?
He came down.

For Adolf today
Is going badly,
For he must quickly
Retreat, retreat.

It happens so swiftly,
He‘s filled with sorrow,
Remembers with regret
The golden time
Of Montoire
On the Loire.

Post-Editing: Ernst Sittig, Sylvia Stawski