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A Response

Dutch SS grenadiers sworn in to the Führer.
In the trenches of the previous war, the National Socialist worldview grew, there the qualities: obedience, duty, loyalty, and bravery were revived, which were inherent to the Germanic man and will always be so. Against this awakening of the Germanic man, the eternal Ahasverus has now, after twenty-five years, stepped forward again. We defend everything that is good and noble not with false pathos, but with a firm belief in the man, Adolf Hitler, who led us back to ourselves. – 6-11-44

They praise his bravery so loudly,
Call themselves the front generation,
Don‘t cloud what you truly are,
Miserable piece of Nazi.

Because they gave you weapons,
Because you‘re now going to fight,
You‘re not any less cowardly,
No, you remain servants.

However much you celebrate what you are
With your own fame,
I see only violence,
And you remain animals.

Whether the Führer tells it too,
Whether you believe it,
Committing violence doesn‘t make one a hero,
With murders and robberies

You certainly don‘t become a superman,
You won‘t really make progress,
The German wish and the Germanic dreams
Remain unfulfilled.

You boast about the fact
Of being a German soldier,
And it has never come to your mind
that you‘re may be ill-advised,

You do exactly what Hitler asks,
Like mindless fools,
The heads have been driven wild
By demagogic phrases.

What do I gain from such talk,
Friend, I am of the opinion
That I, even though I am not a soldier,
Still lie in the front line.

I am ready and fight
Against the Nazi huns,
I fight the battle of this time,
And I know: I will win it!

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig