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Idea Theft

Under the slogan “Europe conquers,” a large gathering of German and foreign workers took place in a Berlin armaments factory. During the speech of the Gaupropagandaleiter Vogt, which was attentively followed by the workers. – 25/1 44

Berlin, January 13 (DNB)
The twentieth century is marked by the new rules of continents, writes Reich Minister Dr. Goebbels in the latest issue of „Das Reich.“ The war, he says, does not disprove this thesis; rather, it seems to confirm it everywhere. It can hardly be seriously denied that Europe, in its current colorful variety and political division, has lost all possibility of competition with the other continents, that have formed solid economic entities. Therefore, the German Reich can truly be called the predominant European power in its struggle for the survival of our continent. If we were to give up or even lose this struggle, Europe’s fate would also be sealed. Thus, this war is about something more than just the claim to European hegemony by the major world powers. It is about whether Europe and in similar ways Asia, for whose continental life Japan is fighting the same battle, will be treat as equal with America or Africa. After that, Mr. J.G. ter Horst, as one of the oldest members of the staff, took the floor. We may be grateful, he said, that our former employers have been spared for so long and were able to witness the entire growth of the company, that has greatly benefited the factory. Mr. Harry ter Kuile witnessed the company‘s 50th anniversary; on January 1st of this year. Half a century ago, it was good to live, declared this speaker; then there was something to achieve, then there was prospect everywhere. – 17/1 44

These plutocrats, of course, consider the time of around fifty years ago even better; back then, it was very good for them to live, and they had prospects, for sure! They want that time back, and they would get that time back if their friends from London and Washington were to win the war! That‘s why they are so severely against National Socialism. However, workers will know whome to call their friends and enemies! – 17/1 44

And they steal from each other
Materials everywhere
With ideas from another
Parading and displaying

These intellectual luminaries,
It‘s amusing to see,
Often take their ideas
From the works of … Lenin

And they act very socialist
But there is one big difference
Lenin was idealistic
While Goebbels doesn‘t want that,

What he outlines as his goal,
It‘s just swindling and deception
Doctor Goebbels lies excellently,
Many a Kraut still believes it

In the past, they only wanted to fight
For the interest of the German people,
Now in their statements they consider themselves
The spokesperson for all of Europe.

Master of pan-European thoughts
They have heard and ridiculed,
Now they use foreign powers
And have brought forth

Coudenhove‘s old dreams
Of Europe‘s unity,
Goebbels takes them without hesitation
And those who see him, laugh.

Pan-Europe is their aspiration,
Pan-Europe is their struggle,
Germany has devoted its life
And its entire existence to it.

It‘s not out of selfishness,
That they occupy countries
No, „German socialism“
Stands up for the law of life

Of all Europeans
And for European interest,
Confidently follow the German banners
And do not be afraid further

And so they steal the ideas,
Wherever they find them,
Among the NSB pygmies
Goebbels is considered the father of their spirit.

Yes, one can understand it well
And one can best comprehend it,
Intellectual poverty pinches them
From everywhere they take

Foreign images, foreign words,
Even from a funeral speech,
Words they heard yesterday,
They steal them, it doesn‘t matter,

Works to make them into a piece
And thus the work turns out fine
And this little trick of thievery
Characterizes the entire NSB.

Nothing and nothing is their own
Not their intellectual property
Yesterday they acquired it just now,
Today they put it in black and white

As if this annexation
Has always belonged to them
Even the NSB’s Nazis
Live from theft, live from murder.

Post-Editing: Kurt Gerhard Funke