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To The Allied Forces

Almost five years we had to wait,
For many men you came to late,
My dearest allied forces.

But still it is a happy day,
The Huns away, the Huns away
With cars and bikes and horses.

The Huns away and we are free,
Sorry we are, there is no tea,
There is no gin nor wine,

The German took it all away,
But still it is a happy day,
You took the Siegfried-Line.

With Patton and Montgomery
You’re taking Western Germany.
It is no fairy tale,

Within a few days you’ll shake hands
At Berlin with our Russian friends,
The German Nightingale,

Herr Hitler, doesn’t sing to-day
He’s feeling after some delay
Around his neck a tie.

He’ll be hung up, that makes him sad,
But we are glad, yes we are glad,
The Nazi-gang will die.

And there will be a time of peace,
There will be butter, sugar, cheese
And … freedom for us all.

You brought this freedom by your tanks
And thus to-day. I’m screaming: thanks

The secret Music-Hall
(The Onderwater Cabaret)



[Lesung: Simone Bloch]

Transcription: Thilo von Debschitz