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cover / introduction

German Autarky

The Kraut once led
An autarky campaign,
It was said that only a scoundrel
Drinks foreign champagne.

Germans, drinks German wine
And wear only German fabrics
Visit the German Rhine
All the Krauts

Considered it high treason
To buy from abroad
And Hitler‘s Nazi state
Only opens its doors

For mountains of metal
And streams of gasoline,
They imported the steel
For Hitler‘s war machine.

No Hennessy cognac,
No coffee was available,
No Coty powder
And no Smyrna figs either.

The Krauts had to content themselves
With domestic products,
Synthetic instead of cotton,
Hitler’s futile fussing

Brought poverty and shortages
And a hundred thousand hardships,
Even the import of bacon
And butter was forbidden,

There was no Gouda cheese,
No vegetables, nor lemons,
Since Adolf became the boss,
Thousands of millions

Were spent on war equipment,
Then they went marching
And as we know,
They could thoroughly … “import”

They stripped countries bare
That they had invaded,
And suddenly lived like royalty
At the expense of – us all.

German autarky
Was suddenly abolished,
The Kraut drank Hennessy
And could live in joy.

The Kraut drank French wine
and was happy and contended,
He was never bothered
If others suffered from hunger.

But this time of abundance
Is long gone by now,
The Kraut has lost again
What he fought for.

He was removed
From the occupied countries,
Restricted to his own land,
He stands empty-handed.

Hitler‘s autarky
Did not bring much blessing to Germany,
They have now gotten the war
In their own country.

And no longer need to
Travel abroad for it,
That now pays this tribute
In Germany itself.

Prosperity is lost,
Hardship, hunger, and no income,
Hitler‘s autarky
Brought about these results.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal