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The Bellamy Imitation

The year 2000.
In his weekly article in Das Reich, this time titled “The Year 2000,” Reich Minister Dr. Goebbels declares that in the year 2000, Germany will not be an occupied territory but the carrier of European culture. Germany will continue this struggle because the present generation does not want to bear the curse of German youth but instead gain their gratitude by preserving Europe from Bolshevik downfall.  – 24-2-45

This war is lost
Goebbels has rather often sworn
That Greater Germany will surely win
A thousand times he has lied,
Now all hope has vanished,
And those who look closer find

How the defeated Germans,
Shuffle sadly through the streets,
Their entire order is shattered,
Not a jot of the old Nazi dreams
Has come true,
Since the German army is fleeing.

Goebbels will be having trouble,
I hear him gasping in my mind,
Because he is very fearful,
But after a thousand sins of lies,
He has found a way out,
Joseph now presents himself ice-cold

As an actor in a new role,
Germany‘s daughters, Germany‘s sons,
– He shouts – I assure you,
And can confidently state,
In fifty-five years,
It will be better than now,

For all of Germany will be full of joy,
It will be free and unoccupied,
And simply a paradise.
In the year 2000,
All dreams will be fulfilled,
Even though the outlook is gray now,

All evil will heal,
The future will be excellent,
Full of culture and harmony,
So be cheerful and content,
Today, Joseph Goebbels is seen
As a new Bellamy,

Telling new lies,
And predicting a golden age
In a hazy future.
Joseph Goebbels worries
About the time of – the day after tomorrow,
But he will not experience that time.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal