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“In Schwiebus and in Züllichau”

To Schwiebus and to Züllichau,
To Landsberg and to Schneidemühl
There comes the grand predator show
The wondrous horseplay,

The Circus Busch Berlin arrives
With riders, acrobats, and clowns,
For Landsberg, Schneidemühl, Schwerin,
There‘s plenty to look at.

Circus Busch Berlin
10th-20th July in Züllichau
21st-22nd July in Schwiebus
23rd-24th July in Schwerin
25th-27th July in Landsberg/W.
28th-29th July in Schneidemühl
(Deutsche St. Georgs-Zeitg. 1938)

Come on in, come on in,
Witness here on a swaying rope
The boldest feat being performed
Despite lion roars and howls

A man accomplishes, on his wire,
The tightrope walk over the predator’s den,
Undeterred, he follows his path,
And if he were to fall, it would be the end.

We present to you heavily twisted,
The world’s best contortionist,
The admission fee is practically a giveaway,
You’ll see in our circus tent

So many amazing sensations,
One has never seen before,
Whoever visits us will immediately realize:
It’s worth coming to us.

That is now about six years ago,
Meanwhile, the great war came,
The circus is no longer of interest,
Only victory mattered.

At first, things went quite well,
In Landsberg, Schwiebus, Schneidemühl,
In the beginning, there were high spirits
And a proud feeling of victory.

Because England soon stood all alone,
And when they fight against England,
Success is guaranteed,
With an outstretched hand, they sang

The German anthem and the Horst Wessel song,
And they were thrilled and delighted,
They believed a new era would blossom
For Germany from the war.

Then the Russian campaign came along,
You once had the illusion
That Bolshevism would fall quickly,
But have you noticed already by now

That it wasn‘t as easy
As you initially thought
And many years have passed,
For Adolf Hitler, it became night.

In Schwiebus and in Züllichau,
In Landsberg and in Schneidemühl,
The mood there is now bleak,
And Adolf Hitler’s circus show

Is there no longer on the program,
The Nazi clownery has now,
After the Russian storm wind came,
Been removed from the local schedule.

The Red Russian army appeared
In Schneidemühl and Züllichau,
And soon they will also be in Berlin
Putting an end to Hitler’s predator show.

Jan. 9
West of Posen, fighting takes place at Lissa. Russian troops are still 125 kilometers away from Stettin. Schneidemühl, according to the Germans, is surrounded by the Russians.

February 1.
Eastern Front
Marshal Stalin announces in two day orders: Marshal Shukow’s troops have entered the Province of Brandenburg over a front of 80 kilometers and have broken through the Obra line and occupy here Landsberg, 125 km from Berlin, Messeniz, Schwiebus, Bomst and Züllichau.

Post-Editing: Nannie Braunstein-Beekman