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Great Men

That’s where they experiment,
Use the land as a guinea pig,
Spill blood, waste money,
Cause suffering, cause pain:
Only create poverty and great misery,
And then call it law and order,
Thus one goes from being unknown
To becoming a great person famous, notorious.
One ponders back and forth, devises a plan
And suddenly becomes the great man.

Even if the people go to hell,
One plays ruthlessly all or nothing,
Italy is gasping,
And still they are vexing it.
Brings in Ethiopia and Albania,
While the entire Mediterranean
Sheds the country‘s blood for Franco‘s Spain
And joins in Hitler‘s war,
Because like seeks like, tyrant a tyrant,
Adolf too is a great man.

And nations rage, nations rave,
And one does everything one can,
Allows oneself to be drawn into war,
All for the great man.

One sees the axis peoples appear,
Ready for the experiment,
Like guinea pigs for vivisection,
For he provokes them incessantly,
The miracle healer, charlatan,
For what is he the great man?

It has gone wrong for both,
A great man is already knocked out,
And all nations believe, hope,
That Adolf will soon be the same.
German-Italian hangover,
With defeat and bombs falling,
It appears like one great animal taming,
With chastisement and whip cracking.
Now one gets denounced,
Thanks to the great man.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal, Robert Saunders