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“Back Home to the Reich”

The German propaganda service
Always knew how to do it,
It stirred up emotions and promoted
In all foreign lands.
It enlightened all Germans,
Wherever they were on Earth,
“You are German and must go ‘Back home to the Reich’!”
Sieg Heil, it will be alright,
Yes, and then came the first strike,
The Saar region went ‘Back home to the Reich’.

But that was only the beginning,
Successes make one cheerful,
And once you‘re on your way,
You would like to continue.
After waiting three more years,
Strengthening defence and weapons,
And feeling confident in their strength,
We will make it,
They prepared for the next strike,
And Austria returned ‘Back home to the Reich’

And then came the Sudetenland,
They did not want Czechs,
We only want German blood,
That is what we heard them say.
And shortly afterwards a new blow,
This word was forgotten,
They took the Czechs and took Prague,
In the interest of Lebensraum [living space],
Whether Czechs, we don‘t care,
Bohemia and Moravia, ‘Back home to the Reich’

Followed by Danzig, Memel,
There was war with Poland,
Yes, everything that brings us joy,
We will take for ourselves,
Whether Norway, Denmark,
Dutch, Belgians, French,
They must all have to, just as we like,
Dance to our tune.

Happily, strike after strike followed,
And they all were brought ‘Back home to the Reich’.

But once the strength is gone,
Once the victorious march is over,
Europe smells the morning air,
The turning point of time is near.

A new day is already dawning,
The German army must retreat,
The Russian army, relentlessly,
Fells the German oaks.
Relentlessly, strike follows strike,
The German army must go ‘Back home to the Reich’.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders