1st volume, no. 12, Page 4
1st volume, no. 12, Page 5

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Proposal to Dr. Goebbels

Now that you are talking about British boasting,
My esteemed propaganda cripple,
Your arguments seem a bit withered,
It seems you missed the mark quite thoroughly,

If you had to jabber about “small compensations,”
Of very meager, trifling successes on the edge
You may therefore keep your Nazis quiet,
We don‘t believe in German blabbering.

And if today you express yourself somewhat sneering
About the evacuation from Dunkirk,
What an achievement Dunkirk meant
Could only be realized when Tunis fell.

Dunkirk undoubtedly a success,
The British did not fall into German hands,
And now Germany is threatened by the knife of invasion,
Unrest and turmoil prevail in all countries.

If you are talking about boasting today,
Doctor of much promising, little giving,
And your words and actions are critically examined,
You failed to fulfill your obligations!

I‘m glad I‘m not Goebbels,
It will not prove too easy today
To make the reality through words and pen
Look rosy to the German people.

Friend Winston Churchill is well on his way
To fulfill his promise soon (?!),
You surely don‘t feel very comfortable,
In your place, I would stop the work quickly.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig