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cover / introduction

Gasoline Legend

When Germany loses somewhere,
We are familiar with that,
There is embellishing commentary
With oh so many lies.

They wash their hands in innocence,
Whenever something goes wrong,
Telling foolish and primitive legends
To the people.

“At the previous occasion, the front collapsed
By a stab in the back, cowardly murdered,
Although it could still have been won,”
is what they make Germany believe.

That the blame for the previous war
Rests with the world, not Germany,
Is what they always spoon-fed you
With the lie of innocence in war.

Now it‘s going wrong again,
Anyone can feel it,
And Germany‘s strength is depleted
Through Hitler‘s wise leadership.

They inflicted wounds on the German armies,
That cannot be tolerated,
Like mushrooms they spring up from the ground
The propaganda sagas.

We listen with a smile to the song
Of the propaganda larks,
The sound of the old wives tales
Is all too familiar to us.

In Germany, one never admits
If they were to lose a game,
In such a case, they absolutely want
To camouflage the truth.

Responsible for such a misfortune
Are foreign dark powers,
Who want Germany‘s downfall
And only want bad things.

Sometimes it‘s the Jew, sometimes the Marxist,
Sometimes it‘s the Jesuits,
Sometimes the Freemasons are to blame,
And sometimes it‘s the British.

That Rommel‘s advance last year
Was halted at the Nile,
Was only because he ran out of fuel
Due to Italian cunning.

Through Italian betrayal,
Rommel‘s maneuver met its end,
The defeat is explained
With the legend of the gasoline.

Just gloss over the fiasco,
Just lie on and on, you fools,
You can no longer save face,
You have lost the game.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal