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Hussar Tricks

On all fronts, it is going
Depressingly bad today,
The Eastern front is shattered,
Several battles in the SouthAren‘t going as planned either,
They always say: withdraw,
One is no longer favored
by the old fortune of arms.The German propaganda
Makes a tremendous effort
To maintain morale,
Although the war is lost.The old war laurels
Are now being polished
And presented as memories
To the people.

The enemy‘s method,
Though very effective,
Is completely out of fashion,
Is too conservative.

With us, there are surprises,
Bold daring,
Swift decisive actions
Are our feats of arms.

Old victory tales
Are now refreshed
And are now served
As consolation to the people.

We hear about the Polish blitzkrieg
And how in the West
Through audacious attacks
Many battles were won.

German hussar tricks,
We saw them everywhere,
Like a bolt from the blue
They come apruptly.

There is no dilly-dallying,
No hesitation, oh no, not at all
In a storming charge,
The Maginot Line was breached.

Fort Liege was taken by surprise,
And Norway occupied,
Those were jolly times:
How sad it is now.

How we splendidly
Mocked the British,
When „Scharnhorst“ and „Gneisenau“
Escaped from Brest.

The first Russian summer,
That was still fun,
Always advancing
Swiftly without rest.

But now, the battle‘s fortune
Has radically changed,
No longer advancing,
Constantly retreating.

Gone are the hussar tricks,
Gone is the wonderful time,
But unexpectedly, they
Liberated the Duce now.

Liberation of a corpse,
– Politically he is dead! –
Despite this final trick,
The dawn will soon be here.

Because with hussar tricks,
You do not win the war,
The swastika must yield,
And victory will be ours.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal