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“1943 is not 1918”

And is written in all the newspapers daily:
It is a big difference compared to the past
Because at that time we were betrayed,
That will not happen again.

Back then, we had the victory
Almost completely in our hands,
And then we lost our consciousness,
But this time we will stand firm.

We will fight very resolute,
The opponent will see that,
Until victory belongs to us,
Even if all of Berlin lies in ruins.

Even if Hamburg has completely disappeared,
Even if the Ruhr area is destroyed,
The end hasn’t come yet,
That’s why we are still full of hope.

Even if we had to shorten the Eastern Front,
And Italy broke the alliance,
It goes with stumbling and with jiggling,
And we proceed – with sealed lips.

Because if they were allowed to speak freely now,
It would be less optimistic,
Oh no, one would then realize, they’d see
Their fate no longer on Goebbels’ line.

No, ‘43 is not ‘18,
‘18 wasn’t such as bad,
But Heinrich Himmler shows his power,
And fear and dread touch us to the quick.

We would gladly throw in the towel
And truly make peace,
But Himmler keeps an eye on us
And therefore it is not easy for us.

We see, the chances were missed,
No goal, for which it is still worth fighting for,
They are hopeless dances of death,
There is still a little respite.

And if the battle won’t end this year,
It will surely do next year,
It doesn’t depend on the years’ date,
The essential thing is that it will happen.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal