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Those Who Live From the War

Mr. Hitler and Mr. Göbbels
Have just declared,
That the situation
Is currently causing great concern,

But surrender
Is not a word to think of,
“We will continue to fight
Until our last strength.

It is simply ridiculous
When you hear rumors,
That we will surrender,
No, there is no truth to that.

We will keep on fighting
Until the very last man,
And not capitulate,
No, not Germany, not at all.

We wage our war
Loyal to the swastika,
Even if the people perish,
Even if the country falls to ruins.

We don‘t think about the end,
We don‘t think about peace,
We‘re in the same boat,
And you have to come along with us.

Just follow the Führer unconcerned,
Remain loyal to him, take courage,
He will continue to guide us,
In the end, everything will work out.

That’s how you hear the propaganda rooster
crowing today,
And I wonder,
Do they even believe it themselves?

Is it their belief
And do they consider it true,
That Germany can still win,
Even though it’s tough now?

Do people want to give up?
No, they can‘t,
They fight for their lives,
As everyone can see.

They know that they will die
When this war is over,
So they have to prolong it,
How doesn’t matter.

They live with the war,
If it dies, they will go too,
The victims are the peoples,
The victims, that‘s us.

The leaders don‘t care
Destruction, fire, and distress,
They don‘t want peace yet,
Peace would bring them death.

Even if the world comes to an end,
They think, let it go,
If we just stretch out for a moment
Our life and existence.

Even if there‘s nothing to gain,
Even if the situation is meagre,
They live from the war,
The war lives from them.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders, Tom Rieke