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Thwarted Plans

And it has been ten long years,
That now Hitler‘s Nazi clan
Has fattened itself up
At the German feeding trough.

Yes, with clever phrases,
They first deceived Germany’s people,
Took control
And then thoroughly purged it.

They promised future happiness
And drove them into war,
Regret, poverty, and misery
Remained with the German people.

And the war criminals wish
To escape from punishment now,
And they are looking for asylum
Already abroad.

Yes, that would be a fine thing,
If they could find refuge somewhere,
And very secretly and quietly
Disappear from the scene.

And what was stolen,
They could calmly consume,
If shelter was offered somewhere
To the Nazi pensioners.

And much has already been settled,
And arrangements were made,
This one wanted to go to Sweden,
He likes to live in Switzerland.

Someone wanted to go to Spain,
One thought Portugal,
One was thinking, in Ankara
I’ll live in paradise one day.

But now the dreams are over,
Their hope is at an end,
Because the evil Allies
Menacingly raise their hands.

It is forbidden for the neutrals
To grant Nazis shelter,
And in many big-shot households
Tears of anguish flow today.

And one sees with fear and terror
The waters of retribution rising,
And one cannot escape it,
No, it cannot be kept silent.

And they find no rest,
Neither day nor night in sleep,
And they tremble and they quake
Before the spectre of punishment.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders, Tom Rieke