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Revenge Symphony

England pays with compound interest,
For what the Nazis did to it,
In the golden time of the war’s beginning,
The seeds of Hitler are sprouting.

The seed of bombs that he sowed,
Now bears its fruits,
Three years may be quite late,
But truly, it was enough.

The German people, they‘ve had enough,
Of Adolf Hitler‘s leadership,
It brought misfortune, brought curse,
And death and bombardment.

They kept the people so dearly,
In line for even longer,
They know the end is not far,
And thus are quite anxious.

Now a bluff roars like thunder,
Through Adolf‘s living space,
They lull the people with a barrage of phrases,
Into wild revenge dreams.

They hate the Old Testament,
Of the accursed Jews,
But an eye for an eye becomes the rule,
For those tired of war.

We pay England back for everything,
That it has done to us,
It‘s the new Goebbels glue,
Who has fallen for it?

Some people have long lost their faith
in the course of time,
The epic of the heroic struggle,
Is mightily gathering dust.

Skeptically smiling, he listens to,
The propaganda machination,
About the glorious plan of retaliation,
Of Hitler‘s Germany‘s revenge.

Just like England, what it does today,
Will soon have to pay dearly,
England won‘t escape our wrath,
You hear them boasting today.

The gentlemen are not very specific,
Regarding the method,
But England, say your bedtime prayer,
You‘ll surely meet your end.

It seems like a wisp of cloud,
Very indefinite and vague,
A pattern of drapery art,
A tale of obscurity.

Is it an airplane that swiftly,
Crosses the stratosphere,
Invisible like a whirlwind,
And invulnerable,

With an enormous load of bombs,
Old England would be punished,
By a force and power,
That surpasses everything?

Thanks to German ingenuity,
We enter a new era,
The weapon that is promised to us,
Could it be the radium?

Yes, the atom smashing,
Might be another way out,
You then sweep away the
House of Lords and House of Commons in one go.

And Downing Street, the King’s home,
At the same time, millions of Britons,
Then the war will probably be over soon,
England has suffered enough.

Is it a new death ray,
That with a secret transmitter
brings destruction and torment,
Over the lands of Britannia?

Are they preparing for England,
Mass murder in series,
The very latest war comfort,
The campaign of bacteria?

They announce a court of justice,
Full of vengeful ecstasy,
It‘s not entirely impossible,
That England could be gassed.

Now in the air raid shelter,
They have the time to consider,
What will we do with England?
No reason to get upset!

For the revenge symphony,
It‘s a new deception,
A fantasy of extending the war,
For the swastika scum.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Staswki, Ernst Sittig