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With and Without Imagination

And Goebbels makes many accusations
Against the wicked England:
Terror methods, cowardly fight
And he shouts: murder and fire.

And he cunningly conceals
What they themselves did in the past,
That they bombed civilians
And caused unspeakable suffering.

The English have success,
Italy is going down the drain,
A new accusation to the old address:
We don’t agree with that.

England works without imagination,
A meager tactic,
Mathematically dry strategy
And little artistic flair.

No risk, only superiority,
No adventurous affair,
They play a good calculated game of chess
And constantly give check.

That’s what Goebbels accuses,
The meaning of what he says:
England wages war with its brains,
It fights and deliberates.

They don’t play intuitively all-or-nothing gamble
Like the Führer does,
Who spills German blood
Under propaganda noise,

Who risks everything and loses
For vain illusions,
Whether the army dies or freezes,
That’s not so bad.

Adolf’s brilliant style of fighting
And bold strategy,
One still finds pleasure in such things,
That is still imagination.

And if that is not enough,
Quickly read the military report,
That is truly, if I’m not mistaken,
One poem full of fantasy.

Post-Editing: Daniel Green