1st volume, no. 5, Page 17
1st volume, no. 5, Page 18

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Night Watch 1943

At night, we keep on our clothes,
Listening with suspense
If they come to arrest you,
For that‘s not exactly what you desire.

The Axis broke, Hitler will be defeated,
The German cat is in trouble,
And it makes its last, craziest leaps,
One wishes to stay out of its claws.

At night, one hides in gardens under trees,
Sometimes behind the curtain,
One wants to escape fate,
Be witness to the end.

How cold these nights are,
It already feels autumnal, we think,
One is very serious, lost in thought,
And wonders how such things can happen.

These are indeed tense days,
One awaits unwelcome visits,
Barely able to bear it,
And thinking: when will this curse vanish?

During the day, one feels listless,
Unrested and weary,
Mentally and physically awkward,
Because one stayed awake at night.

It is a time of suspenseful waiting,
A time that demands everything from you,
These are the last war nights,
Before freedom will finally rise.

And when we escape this dance,
We have likely learned this,
That these villains
Deserve a return visit.

Post-Editing: Daniel Green