1st volume, no. 5, Page 15
1st volume, no. 5, Page 16

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Keep Smiling

If someone in Germany says today,
The war is lost,
Then they bring him before the People’s Court
And that will interrogate him.

And that sentences him to death
And orders his execution,
The German boat is sinking,
It must not be told.

And Goebbels has just claimed
The mood is particularly good,
When dealing with doubters that way,
It‘s no wonder.

If one shakes their head doubting
Or raises objections,
One is quickly deprived of life
And brought to silence in this manner.

They have been doing this for years,
It became the German fashion,
The opposition was overthrown,
They put them on the death list.

Himmler’s method, a German patent,
And impossible to imitate,
The country fell victim to terror
And cannot defend itself.

The people are forced to show
A cheerful face and optimistic attitude,
An unshakable optimism,
Even if their sons fall.

Those who do not smile must
Sacrifice body and life due to high treason,
Keep smiling, buddy, or you have to go,
They are keeping an eye on you.

What does a lost battle matter to us,
The debacle of fascism.
All of Germany shows a joyful smile
And is full of optimism.

It seems like a Tiller-Girl ballet
With its forced smile,
From the outside, it appears full of joy,
But laughs only to save his own skin,

But if you look a little closer,
There are good chances,
Despite the police, the puppets
Will start dancing soon.

Post-Editing: Daniel Green