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One Saw the Duce ...

Infinitely often we have looked at his photo
In many poses, many roles,
For example, how he gives this or that speech
Sometimes full of cynicism, sometimes half-mad,
How he drives his people to fight and war
Or urges them to prepare for the imminent battle,
At times describing the golden future,
Into which his dictatorship leads Italy.

Indeed, we saw him at a naval maneuver
Contentedly watching the spectacle,
Together with friend Adolf from Berlin
They gaze upon the image of devastation.
Like arsonists and their accomplice,
Practicing for a fire they intend to set,
That was the time when they sowed the seeds,
Which now bear their fruits for their country.

We saw him as he proclaims
King Victor Emmanuel Emperor,
A king who doesn‘t rule but is ruled,
Just a pawn in his game.
HE smiles joyfully and seems content,
He is the great man, the king is expelled,
And now it will always go on like this,
For only those will win who dare everything.

We saw the Duce mowing grass and wheat
In reclaimed swamp areas,
We saw him caressing Italian children,
Whom he later let fall in the war.
One saw the Duce at the Brenner Pass,
One saw the Duce sitting in his airplane,
A new Caesar, evidently in good spirits,
But his downfall, no, that wasn’t seen.

Post-Editing: Daniel Green