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Little Person in Hiding Asks.

Mother, what have we done
Why am I not allowed to play outside?
Why am I not allowed to go for a walk,
Because sitting all the time gets boring.

Why did they take father away
The cruel, rough, green men
Oh, tell me mother,
And why do they want to banish us?

Why is it necessary for us to hide
And why do they want to kill us
And why have they defiled us.
And why have they forbidden.

That we, like every other human,
Are allowed to choose what we can and can’t do
And live according to our wishes.
Why are they commanded to hate us?

Why did they rob our house
Why did we have to seek refuge
From distress and death and swastika
In remote dark corners?

Why are we denied the light
Why can’t the sun shine on us,
Why must I, with a pale face,
Languish in underground caves

Why am I not granted equal rights
As given to the others
Am I not just as good and bad
And must I live in oppression?

There will be a day when the pressure is relieved
Yes, we will be freed someday
And then I’ll continue – full of pride and joy –
To fight for justice and freedom.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders