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Franco Attempts to Retreat

Spain’s people are being plundered
Spain’s people are being sucked dry
Franco ensures Spain’s prosperity
That’s the lie in the Spanish press.

A cemetery’s peace now reigns in Spain,
Arbitrariness and oppression
And outwardly they present it
As freedom and happiness.

Spain’s heroes have been slaughtered,
They fought for Spain’s freedom,
And they paid for their ideals
With their heroic deaths.

Fascism was his model,
And he shed much blood,
Following the Gestapo methods
He shot his opponents dead.

Seven years ago
When he obtained power with their support,
He called himself a fascist,
And fascism was a blessing.

Now we hear Franco saying today
That he has nothing to do with them,
Really, it’s not a good sign,
When friends abandon you.

Today, he tries to claim
That his system is Catholic,
And maintains that he detests
Any other political system.

No, I cannot agree
And have a totally different view,
How humane, compared to Franco’s system,
Was the Spanish Inquisition!

If he wishes to hide himself today
Behind Catholicism,
He won’t succeed,
He remains the bearer of fascism.

In Italy and in Germany,
One sees fascism languishing,
Franco would rather stay,
But soon he must disappear, too.

In Italy and in Germany,
It won’t last much longer,
Mr. Franco would gladly
Seek a settlement.

Duce and Führer to hell,
Spaniards people will not be appeased,
Their Spanish creation, the Caudillo,
Will soon go to the dogs.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders, Tom Rieke