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New Year‘s Wish

Today, the OWC enters
Its second year
And because it is customary
At the beginning of each year

That one commemorates this moment
And takes a moment to reflect
And also dedicates a few words
To the year that now begins,

I now ask my readers
Could you lend me your ear
For a moment of remembrance,
That will suffice.

We’re not in a terrible rush,
We’re sitting still, after all
And that is certainly a blessing
When you look at it closely.

Even though the time is very sad,
Even though there is little sun
Always keep in mind the fact,
That it could be worse.

The old year was disappointing,
It brought sorrow and suffering,
A year of anxiety and fear and grief,
That will not be soon forgotten.

When one looks at the situation,
One says half relieved,
The lowest point has been reached,
The end is in sight.

Receive from the OWC
One wish for the new year,
That we may soon be liberated
And become human again.

Post-Editing: Marion Frankenhuis