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The Education of Mr. Seyss

(On the cover montage)

Friend Hitler said: Seyss Inquart will
Lend himself to the Netherlands
As thanks for the Austrian case
he summoned him from Vienna.

And he appointed Mr. Seyss
As the German Reich Commissioner.
We all appreciate it,
Because everything is well arranged.

The one who betrayed his country,
Got to rule the Netherlands
Even though this country is so averse
To the Nazis.

The small country at the Zuiderzee
With villages and with towns
Has suffered much pain and sorrow
For four years.

Seyss Inquart came for the education
In Nazi sciences
We all know how
To spill the beans about Seyss.

We all heard his ramblings
About a new order,
And know what happened to us,
From Seyss and his horde.

He called us his brother people
And wanted to convert us,
Praised Germany‘s power and strength,
That should defy the whole world.

We followed Seyss Inquart‘s theories
With great interest,
But practice taught us:
They were fantasies.

Teacher Seyss told a lot
That didn’t fit at all.
What he presented to us,
Turned out to be a lie.

We learned a lot from him
That we shouldn‘t have learned,
Because things went wrong with the Germans,
Even if they try to conceal it.

Mr. Seyss Inquart used
Such wonderfully beautiful words,
But his authority is cruel and smells
Of crime and of murder.

Happiness and prosperity were promised,
And poverty has come,
They took our goods, they took our money,
They took our blood.

Countless people were taken away,
Abuse and disasters,
The new order reigns without a doubt
In concentration camps.

An academy of treason,
Of crime and rape,
At the head of which stands Seyss Inquart,
He is punished with contempt.

Only Mussert, Rost, and Max Blokzijl,
And the NSB mob,
Became students with him, while
He is driving the country to ruin.

They learned well
The profession of treason,
And were quickly promoted,
And quickly made a career.

Seyss did it once in Austria,
Now they are doing it here in the country,
The Nazi scum, the Nazi riffraff,
Is covering itself with shame.

They went to Seyss’ school
Serving him with enthusiasm,
Swearing by the swastika symbol
Loyalty to oppression.

They were apprentices to Seyss,
Flattered and fawned,
Betrayed the country, betrayed honor,
And became his lackeys.

But we have also learned a lot
To see and to hear,
To experience how the tides change
To the terror of dictators.

Teacher and pupil as pale as chalk,
Now fear for their lives,
Their criminal university
Will soon be dissolved.

Despite their press screeching,
We know their method failed,
The Mussert clique as well as Seyss,
They are doomed to death.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig