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Their New Hope

Partisan Movement in the Soviet Union
A Russian newspaper, the “Narodiny,” makes sensational revelations about an anti-Bolshevik partisan movement in the rear of the Soviet troops. This movement, which first emerged in the Caucasus, has spread from there to the West and appears to be still gaining momentum. In the vicinity of Cherkassy, the partisan units even formally engaged with the 23rd Soviet armored brigade, which was en route to the front. In the Janowki district (east of the Pripet), strong partisan units attacked a Bolshevik airfield and captured several planes. The bands operating in this area are reported to have a large number of cars, as well as light artillery and some tanks. The insurgent movement is already so serious that Stalin had to take extraordinary measures to suppress it. – 12-4-44

The Russian crosses every waterline
And encounters little resistance,
But today, the “Narodiny” writes,
(That is a Russian “Volk en Vaderland”)

That anti-Soviet partisans
Are currently active in Russia,
The heroic deeds of these sout fellows,
As narrated, are indeed not small.

The partisans operate
To the detriment of Stalin‘s army,
Stalin can no longer defend himself
And naturally, he‘s deeply concerned.

The partisans, all together,
Have hit Stalin’s nerve,
And attacked a red airfield,
And even captured airplanes.

They have cars and cannons,
As reported, they even have some tanks.
For Stalin, who had almost won,
This setback is quite scary.

He really wanted to go to Jassy,
And now, this unexpected halt,
As suddenly near Cherkassy,
This new partisan army emerged.

A new hope glimmers for the Krauts,
They think: maybe it will turn out alright after all.
It was almost impossible to cope,
The Soviets trampled us onderfoot.

We were as good as beaten,
No way out wherever one looked,
And suddenly, this new miracle,
The “Narodiny” confirms it in black and white.

They don’t rely on Mussolini,
In this respect, they were deceived,
The report in the “Narodiny”
Works on them like a shot of morphine today.

Post-Editing: Tom Rieke, Marion Frankenhuis