Those Who Did Not Know What To Do With Themselves …

How well the stripes suit him!
Proud as a peacock, he walked through the streets a year ago when he wore the uniform for the first time. Now he was walking with an inflated ego. No wonder he came back with silver stripes … Non-commissioned officer, soon an officer … What prospects open up! Follow his example. First, fill in the coupon below, and you will receive further information.

His parents are well taken care of!
That is reassuring, now that he knows his parents are being taken care of. He had longed to volunteer for service, but what would happen to his parents if he left? So, he inquired first. It turned out to be great, so he left with a clear conscience.
Do as he does and fill in the coupon below. You will then receive further information.
Those who did not know what to do with themselves …