2nd volume, no. 23, Page 8
2nd volume, no. 23, Page 9

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Nazi Tyranny

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Every day new dead fall,
New blood is flowing yet again
From the heroes who still resist
Your command and your fury.

You terrorize a world,
Terror is what sustains you,
And the stains of your misdeeds,
They are the pillars of your world.

The people’s fear is your support,
The people’s dread is your shield,
You make use of the trembling
Before your cruel idol.

And that fear may never slacken,
No, you keep it awake constantly,
You’ve disgraced the German name,
Yes, Germany became step by step

The land of evil in the world,
Of cruelty, of tyranny,
The world saw your German essence,
Saw it and will never forget.

You have roused people,
You have frightened people,
Here, there, everywhere,
And yet you have not achieved your goal.

You have martyred and shot,
You have tortured and tormented,
You have shed the world’s blood,
For the delusion that possesses you.

A rat’s tail of robbery and murder,
Of cruelty and barbarism,
Has become your state operation,
The murderers became the police.

When people fought for freedom,
You hunted them like criminals,
And then they suffered to the end,
Because then your shotgun barrel spoke.

It speaks the new German language,
Of your Nazi despotism,
And yet you will not escape revenge,
No, it will reach you somehow.

It is as if, reddened by blood,
The earth speaks to you murderers:
You may kill the freedom fighters,
But you won’t kill freedom.

Post-Editing: Simone Bloch