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Illustrated Magazines to the Front!

The Front seems bored,
Because it doesn’t have much to do,
Contribute to their spiritual well-being
And send to the soldiers now

Any illustrated newspapers,
After you have read them,
Doing this is important,
Thus you bear the burden of the war.

And every German magazine
Now urges its readers
To donate them to the front,
Because the soldiers are waiting for them.

In every issue, tirelessly,
You are bombarded with the exhortation
But there are small differences
In how the appeal is formulated.

And in the “Berliner” and the “Koralle”
Which were taken from the Jew Ullstein,
They knew in this case
Definitely no false shame.

It was quite clear
So that you could not misunderstand:
“You have read this magazine,
Now send it to the front!”

…. and now send this issue to the front!
…. and now send this issue to the front!

The “Illustrierte Blatt” does a similar thing,
Frankfurt also stays rational
And yields, as usual,
To this call of our time:

… and now send “Das Illustrierte Blatt” to the front

But with the “Illustrierte Beobachter”
It’s completely different,
One finds among the Nazi shepherds.
A very cordial sound

As always, quick-witted,
Wherever something must happen,
They immediately make it ready for shipment
With a nice greeting from the homeland.

With heartfelt homeland greetings to the front from:

The “Koelner” maintains the traditions
Of Rhineland coziness,
You can hear the tone of those regions,
Leisurely, cheerful, slowly broad:

“Send this issue to our soldiers!”
Now where will the magazine come from?
You don’t need to guess for very long,
“It’s a homeland greeting from – the Rhine.”

Send this issue to our soldiers.
It’s a homeland greeting from:

But with the tone of the barracks,
You’ll be sharply barked at right away,
The “Hamburger” seems to enjoy snubbing:
“Now to the front with this magazine!!!”

And now: To the front with this magazine!!

Then rather the “Deutsche Illustrierte”,
It sounds like Hitler,
You think you hear an mannered female
Announcer in front of the microphone:

Have you finished reading,
Please send this magazine
To grenadiers, musketeers,
The front will be very grateful to you.

Once you’ve read your “Deutsche Illustrierte”,
Send it to soldiers you know. The front thanks you.

The “Münchener Illustrierte Presse”
Also joins in this roundel,
Therefore, send it in in the interest of the front
And for the salvation of the Third Reich.

Send the “Münchner Illustrierte” to our soldiers!

You can feel the Viennese charm,
And you can’t escape it,
The Danube city draws us into its
Magical spell, yes: Vienna remains Vienna.

Vienna is not sober and not objective,
Not Prussian hard, no Vienna is soft,
And when you read it, then you know: Linguistically,
No one does it like the Viennese.

… and now send this magazine as a greeting from the homeland to a soldier at the front!

But the desire for magazines
Will soon be satisfied,
When the enemies attack,
Your front will probably get another picture.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders