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Meanwhile, the wait for the invasion continues, and in Berlin, also in military circles, the expectations are expressed that what we already discussed yesterday in the weather report of May 13 is an indication that the battle for Western Europe could break out at any moment. So, let’s wait and see. The weather conditions will likely be favourable in the coming days; the high tide is favourable for operations on flat beaches, and the nights are long and without moonlight. – 16-5-44

The invasion not yet occurring has now led to the conviction in German military circles that the major assault on Central Europe has been postponed for the time being. The invasion was expected around the middle of May. Since it did not come, the delay will likely continue for several weeks. Regarding the reasons for this delay, one can only speculate, just as with the offensive in the East not yet occurring, for which the Soviet-Russian military leadership, one may assume in consultations with England and America, has completed preparations in a remarkably short time, apparently with the aim of being ready when the battle in the West will break out. Due to the current phase of the moon and related tidal changes, it is unlikely that landings will be attempted before mid-June unless the start of the major Allied offensive has been postponed to an even later date. Meanwhile, the Allied air offensive has been intensified to an unprecedented degree, in order to, as is stated in Berlin, to substitute something for the postponed invasion. On the other hand, in Berlin, there is a question as to why, if the invasion is postponed, the bombings in Northern France and Belgium continue on such a large scale. Psychological warfare? If that is the case, they assume proportions as tragic as they are absurd, given the large number of casualties. – 31-5-44

I find, the Third Reich prophets,
They always act as if
They know the future very precisely,
Perhaps only a Kraut still believes them.

We only laugh at their predictions,
Because, after all, they never have come true,
They already made so many statements,
Which turned out to be neither fish nor fowl.

So, they knew in advance,
because they are so well informed,
That the Invasion was to take place
Definitely around mid-May.

“And we will receive them excellently
With an effective welcome song,”
They had absolutely counted on it,
But Eisenhower just didn’t come.

And then people were of the opinion
And they knew for sure:
Now they won’t come before mid-June
And … they once again were mistaken.

The enemy doesn’t care about predictions
That are proclaimed from Berlin,
They themselves will chose the moment
And chose a different time.

And in the cities and villages
Confidence and courage rise again,
The people know: The die is cast.
And they expect: Now things are going to to be fine.

This is the day of our dreams,
We draw new strength again,
Because now, freedom will come soon.
Persevere! The night is rushing toward its end.

Post-Editing: Benno Groeneveld