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NSB Religion

Cautiously, businesslike, and in plain terms, the German military announcement presents the war events of the day. It is not geared towards sensationalism or caters to sensational desires. However, whoever wants to know the true state of affairs at the fronts, can safely adhere to the announcements of the Oberkommando. This was the case during the battles in Poland, Norway, the West, and the Balkans, but this applied equally during the events in Tunis, Southern Italy, and Stalingrad. If anyone can name one lie from a German military report, let him do so! The Führer rightly spoke of a “report of the truth.” And if indeed the population did not trust the military report, to give an , it would not be a fact that almost all passers-by stop or dismount their bikes in the afternoon to read the bulletin at front of our editorial office! – 30-3-44

Two other important facts can also be learned from the military reports, namely that the operations in Crimea, which started in November 1943, have now definitively come to an end … The item about Crimea is very significant because it proves that the German military leadership succeeded in evacuating all German and Romanian troops despite all Bolshevik attempts to prevent this. So, once again, a red attempt to complete a major encirclement has failed. Also, large parts of the population who did not want to be exposes to Bolshevik terror were taken along. The German-Romanian rear guard also embarked on 11 May. – 15/5 44

What kind of dream castle
They make us to believe, it‘s okay
It is a gospel
For the entire NSB.

They hope and believe
In what Hitler tells
For them, nothing surpasses it,
They are astonished

If you do not want to follow their line,
And you are in doubt,
Then they are very angry:
What Hitler says is true.

And they believe in Göring,
In Mussert and in Seyss
And every claim
They swallow as proof.

What the leader commands
Is a divine commandment
Mussert is their liberator
And Hitler is their god.

The kringhuis is their temple
And is their sanctuary,
They truly feel
Like wise men and are – stupid.

They seem like people who are mentally ill
And do not learn from any lessons
And they swallow defeats
As if they were a success

The NSB Bible
Is “Volk en Vaderland”,
They brought betrayal and distress
And turmoil upon the land

Their base is a vile,
Wicked tyranny,
We find it detestable,
But they continue anyway

However, we all know:
One day, the NSB will fall.
And when their gods fall,
They will all go with them.

Post-Editing: Benno Groeneveld