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Antisemitic Semites

There is an ancient enmity between Islam and Judaism. Young Bosniaks who have joined the SS volunteer units read a brochure describing how the Jews tried to poison Mohammed.
SS-PK recording: war correspondent Mielke (HH)

Adolf has many
Incorporated into the German Wehrmacht,
And perhaps he hopes that this will win
The war, which is already lost.

And the good Mohammedans,
They are fervently incited,
To drive them into a racial frenzy,
To make things go better.

They consider themselves today
Tribes with Germanic blood,
Racially superior to Jews,
And such superiority feels good.

They feel racially noble,
They feel racially superior,
They have a semitic skull
But still are antisemitic.

Most of them look like Jewish boys,
With crooked Jewish noses,
But it doesn’t matter because they have
A disgust for Judaism.

The picture of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who is revered as the supreme religious leader of all Muslims, adorns the barracks’ rooms.

Many Nazis cynically think
About the Semitic SS:
Most of them look rabbinical
In a fez decorated with a swastika.

But to these German subversives
It doesn’t matter at all,
And among the Nazi Talmud scholars,
There is also many a Mussulman today.

According to Hitler’s racial theory
He is of low value,
And he is not shown much honor,
If he knew, he’d be outraged.

He is classified as oriental,
Related to Jews,
Which gives him colossal
Disadvantages in Nazi military circles.

The settler is a builder: of houses, fields, states. The nomad is a parasite on nature and on what others build. He murders, burns, and destroys where he can no longer plunder. Wherever in history nomads have ruled, steppe and desert remained, even in areas that were previously cultivated. It is shown that the colonization journeys of our Germanic ancestors have nothing in common with the marauding nomads. Through both ancient and modern colonization history, it is proven that nomadic peoples were never able to colonize, whether they were Moors, Tartars, or others. The deeper reason for the contrast between the Germanic people and, for example, the Jew, (whose nature is partly influenced by the Oriental race, of which the nomadic Arab people are the purest representatives) will appear here in bright light. – 31-3-44

Yes, it’s sad and quite a shame,
For him being of a minority race,
He is and remains just a nomad,
And thus, by nature, without culture.

It may be disheartening for him,
Indeed, it’s a pity,
But cultural monopoly is exclusively reserved
For the Germanic people.

He himself never reaches development,
He is from the Muslim riffraff,
And thus, his attitude
Towards the swastika is quite paradoxical.

He remains a
And is never taken seriously,
A slightly better Muslim Jew,
But they incite him with phrases,

To use him for Germany
Today they schmooze him,
And try to imbue him with a sense of nationalism,
The poor nomadic dog.

When I see this deceit, I blush,
The hero’s stupidity is not small,
Do those with such noses really
Need also to be antisemitic?

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders