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Germany‘s New Chance?

25 Years
Only a few fortunate years the “Hamburger Illustrierte” reported to the
German people: those years when Adolf Hitler overcame the distress. Before that lay the misery of Versailles, Bruderkrieg, and inflation, false prosperity, and finally the terrible misery of unemployment – behind it lies the great war.

The Leader was bloated
Into a mystical figure
And only very few, who read it
Were left untouched by such propaganda

Most were very enthusiastic
And completely deluded:
“The Führer has overcome all misery,”
Thanks to his advice and plan

We were set free from misery
And from unemployment
And from the dreadful burden
Of the terrible past,

Made appear worse to you
Than it actually was,
Whoever imagined it had to weep
Thanks to Dr. Goebbels’ horror tales.

And yet the situation worsened daily for you,
Prices were raised high,
But Germany’s sons, Germany’s daughters,
Believed in nevertheless,

That Adolf Hitler would save Germany,
People found work and got their wages,
Prices rose in competition,
Yet the illusion persisted

That life would truly be better for you,
And many were very happy about it,
In high spirits and in good cheer,
And your actual level

Corresponded to that of an unemployed
In a civilized country,
But swastika delusions
Bewitched your thinking and reasoning

Your minds were completely agglutinated
With Goebbels’ propaganda frosting:
“The Leader has overcome the distress,”
And what Mr. Goebbels says comes true.

Courage grew, trust grew
Became firm and strong as steel.
We can rely on the Führer,
Countless children were born.

It was incomparable with the past,
It worked wonderfully,
Often one thought that in the coat of arms
There is a storck instead of the eagle.

It is one of the immortal merits of men like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini that they have reawakened the will to procreate and respect for mothers among great European nations. Colonel Leader Andersen explained the significance of this, examplary for Germany, by calculating that if there had been no year 1933 in Germany, the population would have declined to below that of the Polish population within 20, 30 years. Nowadays, even during the war, the birth rate remains satisfactory, in stark contrast to 1914 when the German people were already doomed to perish in 1914. – 18-12-43

Total Population of Great Britain
A picture of the aging of the English people
The estimated population development of Great Britain by age groups: under 15 years and over 60 years for the years 1901–1971. According to this English statistics, the population will slowly but steadily decrease from 1950 and continue to age.

Very experienced soldiers and military leaders will face British soldiers and commanders who have little or no experience. England must bear this risk, “whose population, according to British statistics, will be smaller than that of the former Yugoslavia even without war in less than a generation.” An invasion will precisely decimate the young male population. “This fits precisely,” said Dr. Goebbels, “into the calculations of Roosevelt and Stalin, who want to get rid of a troublesome competitors once and for all, one they have already written off militarily, politically, and economically.”

Meanwhile, a few years have passed
Since the Hitler frenzy subsided,
You haven’t gone well with it
And Germany’s strength has long been exhausted.

Only a few are still in doubt,
Most know for sure,
The victory is once again going to hell,
Hitler’s Germany will perish.

But it does not seem of importance,
Things won’t improve with England either,
That’s what your papers today
Show you on behalf of your Naziführer.

Aging rages in silence,
And it robs England of all strength,
They show you how the will to live
Of the British people has weakened.

And quite naturally, it results
That Britain steers toward decay,
Until nineteen seventy-one,
This will certainly be evident everywhere.

Some are now saying: National Socialism wants large families to have many soldiers. By God! This is also of utmost importance, that European mothers bring forth strong new generations who can protect Europe from the millions of hordes from the steppes! – 19/12 43

Gone is all its vain,
If Germany holds strong,
A new chance will bloom for them,
Which can be used well.

May it not be enough
Nowadays war distress and horror,
Some search for a new war
To be a new prospect.

Post-Editing: Kurt Gerhard Funke