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The “Backe” Egg of Columbus

Grass flour
Recently, a method has been developed in which fresh grass is rapidly dried and simultaneously sterilized using electric heat at about 70 degrees Celsius. This „electric hay“ is then used to produce grass flour, which has significant advantages over ordinary hay and has proven itself multiple times. Research has shown that 15 grams of grass flour have the same antirachitic effect as 1 gram of cod liver oil. Additionally, it has been found that the electric hay is so rich in vitamin C that a person‘s daily requirement could be completely met with 30 grams of grass flour. – Koralle 1943 No. 31

You are still living at the expense
Of what is stolen from abroad,
But the land of plenty in the East,
Of whose riches you sang loudly

since forty-one
Is firmly in Stalin’s hands again,
And this brings deterioration
In today’s food situation.

You tighten your belt even tighter,
As Ukraine is now lost,
And the faces fall,
You no longer live in luxury,

Instead of butter, you spread jam,
You eat meatless meatballs,
Whether some things harm your health,
It doesn’t matter in the Third Reich.

The burdens are getting heavier
That this war imposes on you,
But if the Führer would compel you to fast,
You’d endure, always unwavering …

The Reich Minister of Nutrition,
Mr. Backe, doesn’t know what to do,
And curses: Oh dear, what a nuisance,
Damn it all, cursed act!

I really don’t know what to do now,
Now the people are facing starvation,
But suddenly he becomes cheerful again,
Hooray, now we have enough.

Despite the English blockade,
Nothing can happen to us anymore,
It was difficult, but now,
The British will be seriously mistaken.

It was a revelation to me,
Surprisingly simple and yet new,
It gives us abundance of food:
We dry grass and eat hay.

An abundance of vitamins,
What do we need cod-liver oil for,
The hay will serve us instead,
The enemies have made a mistake.

The Führer’s honor is saved,
Sated, the people remain loyal to him,
Behold,  Backe‘s tidy solution,
The food of the future is hay.

If you won’t get vegetables soon,
No fat, no bread, what harm does it do?
You simply go to the meadow
And eat grass – for the love of Hitler!

(P.S. Probably there will be calls in Minka [Munich]
In the Löwen and Bürgerbräu pub,
Soon at noon: Hey, Kathinka,
Please bring us quickly „a hay“!)

Post-Editing: Eleonore A. Speckens