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Ukraine Cigarettes

The Press Affairs Department of the Dutch East Institute reports: The current tobacco situation indicates that the sale of Ukraine cigarettes will come to an end within the foreseeable future. Consequently, from June 15th onwards, no more smoker‘s cards will be issued. – 2-6-44

Who deals with apples, eats apples,
Who deals with tobacco,
Will enjoy a pipe of tobacco
In joy and sorrow.The Netherlands was the hub
For the world‘s tobacco trade,
And hand in hand with this trade,
It spread here.Tremendous was the tobacco pleasure,
Cigars, cigarettes,
All of the Netherlands was crazy about it,
That couldn’t be prevented.II.
But due to the war, it went bad,
Almost nothing remained,
And a true smoker,
Doesn‘t have a life today.

For the ration is poor and scarce,
You start coughing from it,
Smoking is almost impossible
With what we had to smoke.

No wonder it doesn’t appeal,
But NSB soldiers,
They get a different kind,
Somewhat better fags.

Those who defend the Huns
And adhere to the German laws,
Whether NSB, SS,
They get Ukraine cigarettes.

Yes, from the German war loot
And Russia’s tobacco plants,
Many NSB scoundrels
Could laze around smoking.

The Krauts were not well-liked
And they sought revenge:
The Dutch suffered shortages,
Traitors could smoke.

They lost Ukraine,
The Russians acted swiftly,
To the regret of the NSB,
They get no extra cigarettes.

And many NSB rascals
Take note today,
The tobacco situation is
Definitely wretched for them.

They sit in sackcloth and ashes,
Huddled together,
Because soon they will have to smoke
much stronger tobacco.

Editing: Eleonore A. Speckens